Hermeto Magnético 

 Just your local octet playing the universal music of

Hermeto Pascoal and based in Melbourne, AU 


We're at it again. 

Hermeto Magnético want to record two music videos and show you how we've been creatively evolving in 2019. The arrangements have been written live in rehearsals with the group members and are spontaneous, eclectic and features each artists musical voice. 

This project represents our creative expression and what we bring to Melbourne's music scene. We hope you are able to contribute as we love playing this music for you. 

Contribute via our Pozible campaign link, right here


or via this URL: https://pozible.com/project/hermeto-magnetico-music-videos

Download our EP [2018] >>>

next gig 

        Thurs Nov 21 2019 

    Hermeto Magnético     

      with Tide and Max Rudd   

         Open Studio Bar, Northcote   

                   8pm show  


 Event link here   


Hermeto Magnético are dedicated to uncovering the repertoire of the legendary Brazilian virtuoso Hermeto Pascoal, whose musical genius is magnetic. 

We explore sounds of Hermeto's eclectic and extraordinary musical voice that spans popular Brazilian rhythms, vast musical influences, free improvisation, virtuosic technique and other-worldly soundscapes.


Hermeto Magnético features stellar musicians of Melbourne's music scene: contemporary jazz bassist Sean Connolly, the charming and talented flautist Erin Kersing, the masterful Paul Cornelius on saxophone, clarinet and flute, the electric guitar wylings of Marcos Villalta and founder Rose de La Montaña on acoustic guitar. 


We are excited to be the only group in Australia exploring the universal music of Hermeto Pascoal.

instagram and facebook: hermetomagnetico

©2018 by Hermeto Magnético. 

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