The Octet

Hermeto Magnético features voice, three flutes, mandolin, guitar, bass and percussion.

Rose de La Montaña

Guitarist and Bandleader

Rose de La Montaña is a Melbourne based fingerstyle guitarist, with a love for Latin American solo guitar music.  She started playing the guitar from a young age, and as a soloist her niche centres on Latin American guitar repertoire.


Rose is also the founder of Hermeto Magnético, and as bandleader she transcribed and arranged a selection of repertoire for the group. 

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Heather Fletcher


Heather’s concert experience comprises extensive solo and choral singing in venues from Carnegie Hall to the Sydney Opera House. Specialising in opera, Heather is currently pursuing a pHD in Music Performance Research at the Conservatorium of Music in Melbourne. 

In her words: "I particularly enjoy how Hermeto's music highlights the intricate communication of musicians in a chamber setting. Our ensemble hails from diverse musical backgrounds and tastes, all of which come together harmoniously in this breed of composition. I am inspired by the music making and enjoy this expressive platform!"

Asha Henfry


Asha Henfry is a Melbourne-based flautist on the forefront of cross-genre and improvised music in Australia. She masterfully merges her extensive knowledge of classical, jazz and world music stylings and challenges the traditional boundaries of the flute.


Specialising in the popular Brazilian choro (a niche world music genre that she holds close to her heart), Asha glides effortlessly through its technically demanding terrain with her distinctly expressive and joyful, effervescent sound.

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 Erin Kersing 


Erin Kersing is a flautist and educator based in Melbourne. When she is not performing or teaching, Erin likes to draw portraits, spend time with her cat, and alternate glasses of coffee and red wine. 


After her older sister began learning flute, Erin took up the instrument at age 7 and continued to perform and study classical flute into university, where she completed the Masters in Music degree at University of Melbourne.


More recently, she has been working full time as a flute teacher, and performing in various ensembles. She is excited to expand her musical repertoire and explore new techniques and styles as part of Hermeto Magnético.

Emma Knight


Emma is an experienced and versatile flautist in orchestral, chamber and solo settings, and loves playing classical to contemporary music. Since 2013, Emma has worked as a full time professional flautist with the Royal Australian Air Force Band. 

Emma also plays Brazilian choro and is the bandleader of the choro group Sol é Alma who perform regularly at various venues and jazz festivals in Melbourne.

"Mandolin Jake" Piddington


Jake is a classical guitarist who discovered a passion for South American music, which led him to the mandolin. Now a burgeoning Renaissance man (he's into judo as well!),  he is versatile as he is industrious, and these qualities underpin his devotion to music. 


Hermeto Magnético is Jake's first expedition into Brazilian music making, and he is keen to make his mark on the scene, as the heart and soul of music making is sharing with others.

Sean Connolly

Bass Guitar

Sean Connolly is a bassist, composer and educator who specialises in improvisation and contemporary music making. 


He has performed at many venues across Melbourne, including selling out the acclaimed Bennetts Lane Jazz Club with the Sean Connolly Quartet’s "Sky Blue Sky” album launch and filling the Salon at the Melbourne Recital Centre for his solo bass etudes. Sean continues to be inspired by the possibilities of the bass guitar's expressivity as a solo instrument.


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Alastair Kerr


Known as one of Australia's leading exponents of Brazilian percussion and jazz drumming, Alastair Kerr is an in-demand collaborator on Melbourne's music scene. Currently, Al leads two groups: Panorama Brasil, a multi-faceted Brazilian music project, and the Alastair Kerr Quartet.


Panorama Brasil regularly sell out shows at local jazz venues. They have released two albums as well as performing at major jazz festivals in Australia. The Alastair Kerr Quartet are dedicated to playing new Australian music.

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